The most important word a high performer can learn is “no.” 

In fact, the high level leaders that we work with recognize the importance of learning how to say “no” to opportunities so they can focus on the best possible opportunities for their business.

Failure to learn how to say “no” and set limits often leads to overcommitment and failing to follow through on your commitments. And nothing ruins one’s reputation as a leader faster than consistently failing to follow through on commitments.

Learning how to say “no” helps leaders protect boundaries and work towards their priorities.

These FREE email templates are designed so they can be copy and pasted for easy use. They cover a variety of situations from…

  • Repairing a relationship when you haven’t followed through on a commitment.
  • Backing out of a commitment when you’re overextended.
  • Saying “no” to an opportunity without burning a bridge.

Use them yourself or pass them on to an executive assistant to use on your behalf.



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