We started Pursue Whole® with the conviction that leaders are uniquely positioned to impact our world, yet disproportionately without safe and inspiring spaces to work through the internal and relational challenges they face. 

Through every initiative we create (the Coaching Program, Vision Guides, and the Forged Program), we seek to equip leaders to pursue a connected and meaningful vision for their life, leadership, and relationships.

We believe that by inspiring and equipping the most impactful and influential leaders to lead whole lives, we will enact a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

A Note from the founders

Why We Built This

Andy and Charity Maurer

As a former therapist, Andy has taken the best of cutting-edge neuroscience and performance research and paired it with executive coaching to create the Pursue Whole® Coaching Model. His unique framework brings clarity, relief, and growth to high-pressure leaders and their emotional, relational, and mental struggles. He is passionate about helping leaders find their unique identity and purpose, redefining how they approach life, leadership, and relationships.

Co-founder, CEO, and Coach

Andy Maurer


Charity Maurer

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Charity's experience in the luxury event industry has given her the business acumen and skill set to establish Pursue Whole as a niche brand serving elite leaders. Her passion is creating business strategies around a centralized purpose that ignites meaningful social impact. She manages the strategic development of PW's programs and products.

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