The Forged Program brings boys (ages 8-12) and their dads together to form a tribe of likeminded leaders pursuing lives of wholeness, connection, growth, and adventure. Together, they will experience one-of-a-kind adventures, curate transformational self-awareness, and form meaningful and lifelong bonds.  

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To inspire and cultivate dads and their sons on their journey to becoming men of purpose, impact, meaning, and wholeness.


Program Details

form a cohort of dads and sons utilizing your existing community

determine your launch date and schedule your once-a-month meetups for the year

follow the Forged curriculum as you co-lead your cohort




email Pursue Whole for more info

Each cohort requires two co-leads. Every adult participant must complete a background check and sign our Rules of Conduct to participate.

"I have found the Forged curriculum and group members to be very valuable in nurturing and strengthening my relationship with my son. I have been able to explicitly teach him values that are important while spending quality time with him. Building connections and working on emotional wellness early on will have a lasting impact on his development and our father/son bond."

- Jared Kredit, Founder and President of K2 Electric

"The Forged program has been transformative for my son, Mateo, and me. As a father, I've always strived to instill values of leadership, kindness, and compassion in my son, but navigating the journey of parenthood alone can be daunting. Forged provided us with a unique opportunity to embark on a journey alongside other fathers and sons, forming a tribe bound by a common goal: to raise sons of consequence."

- Alex Stavros, CEO of Embark Behavioral Health


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for participating in the Forged Program?

There are two fees for participating in the Forged Program. A one-time initiation fee of $500 per member that covers paperwork, background check, and Forged branded merch.  In addition, monthly dues charged at $50/mo per member through the life of the program that covers the cost of curriculum.

What support does Pursue Whole provide for Forged Cohorts?

Pursue Whole provides support with initial launch of a cohort by processing background checks, distributing branded merch, and provides an in-person presence for initial launch meeting to get the group off to a solid start. From here, PW provides the curriculum for the monthly meetings (10 meetings in a calendar year) that will be co-lead by two dads within the cohort.

Can I host a group outside of Arizona?

Yes! Pursue Whole is based in Arizona, but you can launch your group in any state that you and your cohort reside. Andy will provide his presence for initial meeting virtually.

Can the Forged Program qualify as a business expense?

Many leaders choose to qualify their involvement with the Forged Program as a business/leadership development expense and consider Forged a powerful player in the development of their professional network. As always, consult with your CPA for official advisement.

I can’t commit to the Forged program. How can I still experience Pursue Whole?

We created Vision Guides just for you! Our Vision Guides feature a meaningful self-lead process. We are launching a Vision Guide on Family soon - stay tuned!

Want to form your own Forged Cohort?