Over the course of six exercises, each participant will be prompted to reflect, review, and resolve on six key areas of their life.

At the end of the 1-day training, each participant will have created a clean, one-page document that we call a "Big Vision" — the clearly stated “why” behind your life, leadership, and relationships.

Your team will walk away with the individual clarity they need to continue walking toward a clearly articulated vision for their work, life, and leadership.

6 essential exercises to help EACH MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM casT Vision FOR THEIR LIFE AND LEADERSHIP.


a 1-day leadership intensive

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The goal of this intensive is to unlock the core, intrinsic motivation of your leadership team, contributing to their sense of purpose and engagement within your company and beyond. 

Let Pursue Whole help your team uncover a meaningful Vision.

View a Sample video from our "Big Vision" Curriculum:

Meet Your Pursue Whole 1-Day Training Facilitator

Andy Maurer

CEO of Pursue Whole


Andy Maurer

CEO and Pursue Whole Coach

As a former therapist and professor of human and sports psychology, Andy takes the best of cutting-edge neuroscience and performance research and pairs it with therapeutic best practices. Andy coaches business owners, CEO's, entertainment executives, and high-end talent.


Chris Gonzalez

Group Training Specialist

Chris is a passionate, entrepreneurial leader with a strong track record of creating and cultivating environments for leaders to grow and thrive.  

Bringing 20+ years of leadership experience from the Faith and Nonprofit sectors, Chris founded three successful non-profits, all of which included cultivating enriching communities and developing leaders. 


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Our facilitators guide participants through completing a series of reflective questions to identify what each individual cares about the most to draft a vision for who they ultimately aspire to be.

1. Establish Your Big Vision

The exercises

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When life gets hard, what keeps members of your team going? In this section, they'll be prompted to discover their intrinsic motivation that drives them to action.

2. Define Your Core Motivation

The exercises

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Self-awareness is the currency of leadership. Your team will be invited to explore who they are as unique individuals so they can live out their core purposes.

3. Create Your 3 “I Am” Statements

The exercises

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What relationships will your team members need around them to support them in prioritizing their Big Vision? They will define that in this section.

4. Define Your Tribe

The exercises

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With others’ input, team members will be invited to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses to discover their unique superpowers.

5. Identify Your Unique Abilities & Areas of Growth

The exercises

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Team members will complete their Big Vision by consolidating their findings into a one page document and declaring it with the team.

6. Make Your Declaration

The exercises

  • A Bound and Beautiful Workbook

  • Free 30 day access to the online Big Vision course to reference content post-training

  • A beautifully displayed plaque showcasing their completed Big Vision

What’s included in
The Big Vision
1-Day Intensive?

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In addition to the live presentation and coaching through the 6 key sections of the Big Vision course, each participant will receive:

Our leaders have said this exercise is essential to their success in our coaching program and throughout their lives. After creating the Big Vision documents, your team will have the mental clarity and emotional readiness to pursue a life of meaning and intention that overflows into their work and leadership.

We will also supply your designated team leader with copies of each document to have on file as a reference to your team members' core drivers and senses of purpose.

What results will I see?

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Equip your team to cast a meaningful Vision for their life & leadership.

Unlock the Power of Intrinsic Motivation for Your Leadership Team