Pursue Whole is the powerful integration of
therapy and executive coaching for high-level leaders,
addressing both emotional and functional barriers to success.

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As a former therapist and professor of human and sports psychology, Andy has taken the best of cutting-edge neuroscience and performance research and paired it with therapeutic best practices to create the Pursue Whole coaching model. Andy coaches business owners, CEO's, entertainment executives, and high-end talent.

Andy helps his leaders transform and integrate their whole selves, bringing more purpose and fulfillment to their work, life, and relationships.

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Co-Founder of AWM Capital

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Professional Baseball Player, Arizona Diamondbacks

Real Leaders Pursuing whole

Max Hansen

CEO of Y-Scouts

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*90% of clients choose to continue with ongoing support after their program completion. Opportunity to continue on a session-by-session basis exists after initial 6-month program.

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 mental health expert

vision & success focused

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The Pursue Whole   Model

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Pursue Whole


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Working with Andy is the best investment I have ever made. As a former pro athlete and current business owner I have been exposed to many performance coaches. Andy is a master at his craft and blends the right mix of empathy, directness, and accountability. I know he cares deeply for me because he won’t let me stay where I am at. It’s hard work but worth it.

- Erik, Founder of Athlete Wealth Management

I am far more empathetic as a leader with my team since embarking on this journey. I would encourage anyone on the fence to embrace an integrated approach to leadership, and leverage coaching as an effective tool to start the process. It is a powerful means to explore this integration and maximize potential by leading out of wholeness.

- James, Tech Leader & CEO

Andy's coaching changed me. He encouraged me to look within and embrace strength. For any leader who feels held back by themselves, unsatisfied with the lives they've worked so hard for, and suffers from the dreaded imposter syndrome: do this work with Andy, take the time and get to know yourself better, and discover the satisfaction and peace that comes with wholeness

- Daniel, C-Suite Executive

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to talk about sensitive information concerning a partner, public figure, or business venture?

Andy is committed to your privacy while providing support. He can sign NDA's when working with sensitive information, if desired.

I can't commit to a weekly coaching schedule. Are there other options?

You may choose 90-minute sessions twice a month as an alternative schedule to weekly 45-minute sessions.

Where are you located? Can I meet with Andy virtually?

Yes! Andy is located in Arizona but serves high-level leaders all over the country through virtual coaching sessions. 60% of his coaching sessions are performed virtually.

Can Coaching with Pursue Whole qualify as a business expense?

Many leaders  choose to qualify Coaching with Pursue Whole as a business expense. As always, consult with your CPA for official advisement.

I can’t commit to the coaching program. How can I still experience Pursue Whole?

We created a podcast and Vision Guides just for you! Our Vision Guides feature a self-lead process that Andy implements into his 6-month coaching program.

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