Alex Vailas: Pain Is The Catalyst for the Transformation We Long For

In today’s episode, Alex Vailas shares her story of resilience amidst the pain she’s endured throughout her life. From divorce to old childhood wounds resurfacing as she was at the peak of her success, she talks about what’s most important to her now as she leads as SVP of Brand Marketing at Dyper and as a parent and a leader. Life can take an unexpected turn, but as you’ll hear from Alex’s story, sometimes the most painful moments become the catalysts for the transformation we are longing for. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • The struggle for identity and why money and titles can never produce what’s most important in life  
  • What qualifies as a true friend vs “friends” only after your success
  • One of the biggest questions leaders face at the peak of their success: “what now?” 
  • & so much more

If you’re facing unexpected hurdles in life, you’ll be inspired by Alex’s story of purpose in pain. If you need guidance and support in this process, we have coaches uniquely skilled to help. Visit to learn more about our unique leadership program and to schedule a free discovery call.

You can connect with Alex on Instagram or at her website

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