Max Hansen: Go Further In Life By Curating Your Inner Circle

Today’s episode is with Max Hansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Y Scouts. He is a hiring process strategist who partners with CEOs, Presidents, and other executive hiring champions to grow their businesses by hiring purpose-aligned and performance-proven leaders. In this conversation, you’ll hear how Max finds and prioritizes key relationships in his life that help him live out who he wants to be. You’ll be inspired by his intentional lifestyle choices that set him up for success as a high-performing leader pursuing a well-rounded life.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Max filters and prioritizes his inner circle of relationships to make sure his network is pushing him forward (while balancing life with 5 kids)
  • What Max has learned about communication: sooner and clearer is always better, and the importance of listening.
  • Making metric-driven decisions and applying this even to his personal life (metrics in fitness, relationships, etc.)
  • How to go further in life by facing your emotions rather than pushing them down

And more!

Ways to connect with Max:

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