Craft a 5-Year Vision and Uncover Your Purpose

Over the last 12 months, the Pursue Whole team has worked on creating a framework that helps high-level leaders clearly define their identity, purpose, and impact on the world around them. We call this your Big Vision, a one-page document developed with our leaders throughout their coaching program.

The leaders we work with at Pursue Whole understand the pressure and skill it takes to perform at the highest level. Yet, in pursuit of success, they often realize they’ve forgotten their needs and molded themselves around what everyone wants. They don’t need more growth or success – they need clarity about their identity and purpose.

In today’s short, 14-minute episode, Andy breaks down:

  • The five sections that make up the Big Vision
  • Excerpts from Andy’s personal Big Vision document
  • How you can craft your own Big Vision

And more!

Want to learn how you can craft your own Big Vision? On January 24th, we’re launching the Uncover Your Identity and Purpose Challenge.

Join our waitlist here and be the first to get lifetime access to an online course containing six emotional fitness exercises, each with a 2–5-minute video led by Andy and corresponding reflections. 

At the end of the challenge, you will have created a clean, one-page document that we call your Big Vision — the clearly stated “why” behind your life, leadership, and relationships.

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