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We recognize that not all purpose-driven leaders can participate in a 20k coaching program, yet we believe all leaders should have access to uncovering their true identity and purpose. 

And that's why we made this.

Pursue whole is bringing an online option to leaders world-wide

For the first time ever...

Over the course of six exercises, you will be prompted to reflect, review, and resolve on six key areas of your life.

At the end of the course, you will have created a clean, one-page document that we call your Big Vision — the clearly stated “why” behind your life, leadership, and relationships.

You will walk away with the clarity you need to continue walking toward the healthy, whole life you are meant to pursue.

This is the foundation beneath our work at Pursue Whole®.

6 essential exercises to help you cast your Big Vision

The Uncover Your Purpose & Identity Course


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You’re good at casting vision for others. Now, it’s time to cast vision for yourself.

Our founder, Andy Maurer, created The Uncover Your Purpose & Identity Course to help you define the “why” behind your life. 

Because once you know where you’re going, you can start taking the steps toward the life, leadership, and relationships you desire.

Let Andy help you uncover your Big Vision.

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Get to the heart of your heart — what you care about most, and who you aspire to be five years from now.

1. Establish Your Big Vision

The exercises

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When life gets hard, what keeps you going? Discover your intrinsic motivation that drives you to action.

2. Define Your Core Motivation

The exercises

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Self-awareness is the currency of leadership. Explore who you are, so you can live out your core purpose.

3. Create Your 3 “I Am” Statements

The exercises

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What relationships will you prioritize as you pursue your Big Vision, and how will those unlock your potential?

4. Define Your Tribe

The exercises

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With others’ input, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses to discover your core superpower.

5. Identify Your Unique Abilities & Areas of Growth

The exercises

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Complete your Big Vision by consolidating your purpose into a one-sentence statement.

6. Make Your Declaration

The exercises

— Daniel, C-Suite Executive

For any leader who feels held back by themselves, unsatisfied with the lives they've worked so hard for, and suffers from the dreaded imposter syndrome: do this work with Pursue Whole, take the time and get to know yourself better, and discover the satisfaction and peace that comes with wholeness.

Meet the Founders

Pursue Whole® was founded by Andy and Charity Maurer, spouses and high achievers who saw the need for an integrated approach to therapy and coaching for the world’s elite leaders.

As a former therapist and professor of human and sports psychology, Andy has taken the best of cutting-edge neuroscience and performance research and paired it with therapeutic best practices to create the Pursue Whole® Coaching Model.

Charity's experience in the luxury event industry has given her the business acumen and skill set to establish Pursue Whole as a niche brand serving elite leaders. Her passion is creating business strategies around a centralized purpose that ignites meaningful social impact.

Andy Maurer, Chief Executive Officer
Charity Maurer, Chief Strategy Officer

You will receive access to an online course containing six exercises, each with a 2–5-minute video and corresponding worksheet with reflective questions to help you craft your 1-page Big Vision document. 

What’s included in The Uncover Your Purpose & Identity Challenge?

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The Uncover Your Purpose & Identity Challenge is ideal for anyone in leadership seeking direction for their life, leadership, and relationships. 

Who is the challenge for?

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Our leaders have said this challenge is essential to their success, both in our coaching program and throughout their whole lives. After creating your Big Vision document, you will have the mental clarity and emotional readiness to pursue a life of meaning and intention for at least the next five years.

What results will I see?

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Join us in The Uncover Your Purpose & Identity Course, and gain the clarity you need to pursue the healthy, whole life you desire — and deserve.

Instead, start casting your Big Vision.

Don’t let the pressures of leadership blind you to what’s most important in life.

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