Jonathan Keyser: From Ruthless Broker to Selfless Leader

Jonathan Keyser is the founder of Keyser, one of the country’s most innovative and trustworthy technology-enabled occupier services commercial real estate firms. In this candid episode, Jonathan shares the slow erosion of his core values in pursuing wealth and his radical transformation to putting morals, ethics, and customers first in a cutthroat industry, consequently becoming unexpectedly more successful. Join today’s episode to hear Jonathan’s transformation story, powerfully representing one of our core beliefs at Pursue Whole: pain is the pathway to growth.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The dangerous, slow erosion that happens when you compromise your core values over time
  • The importance of letting image die to pursue authentic growth (Jonathan shares his real-life example)
  • How the most complex challenge in life is often facing yourself

And more!

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