Paul Komadina: Key Leadership Insights After 18 Years at CBRE

Our guest today is Paul Komadina, a Senior Managing Director and Market Leader at CBRE. Paul shares about his entry into leadership at an early age after leaving his Basketball career, driven by his desire to drive business strategy and build teams. In this episode, Paul shares the meaningful leadership lessons he’s learned over the 17.5 years he’s been with CBRE. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The less-celebrated leadership qualities that most shaped Paul in his early years from those leading him: humility and wisdom
  • Flow vs. force: why fear drives force and how we can grow beyond it
  • How Paul has learned to navigate one of the most challenging leadership capabilities: candor. He shares how he learned to graciously lead through the tough conversations that inevitably make up leadership.

And more!

Ways To Connect with Paul:

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