The Most Important Skill for High Performers

“When we say no to something, or we have to wait for something, when we get it, man it means so much more. There are things that I’ve wanted in my life that I’ve had to wait on for a year or two years, or even just two months, and I appreciate them so much more. They mean so much more to me versus just those things that I go out and buy all the time. Part of this, saying “no” to things, brings a lot of joy and gratitude to life. Putting restrictions in your life, and barriers, is not going to hold you up in life—it’s actually going to bring you greater joy, purpose and meaning.”

Today’s episode is a recording of The Brands That Book Podcast with Davey Jones. In this recording, Davey interviews Andy on one of the most important skills for High-Performers: the ability to say no.  Learning how to say no is a critical skill for any high performer. It gives someone the space to focus on the best opportunities for them, it builds trust because people know that what you do end up committing to you’ll actually follow through on, and it allows you to create boundaries so your work-life balance doesn’t suffer.

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