Alex Stavros: How to Cultivate Connection with Your Children

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Original show notes:

This week’s episode is with Alex Stavros. Alex is the CEO at Embark Behavioral Health – the premier Mental Health Treatment for Teens and Young Adults.
Alex is on the show to share how and why leaders who are parents need to connect with their kids in more authentic ways. In this show you’ll hear:

  • The importance of treating the relationship with your children differently than you treat relationships in business. 
  • How early, unresolved emotional trauma has lead to the vast majority of mental health issues today. 
  • The difference between joy and happiness
  • Practical ways for parents can help their kids identify things that need to be addressed & how to find the resources they need to heal. 

& much more!

You can connect with Alex on LinkedIn and visit to learn more about their Big Hairy Audacious Goal to lead the way in helping take anxiety, depression, and suicide from the all-time highs of today to all-time lows by 2028. Check out the link to the original publication of this episode here.

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