Erik Averill: Relational Barriers and Finding Growth Amidst Adversity

In today’s episode, Erik Averill, Co-Founder and Partner at AWM Wealth Management, rejoins the podcast to share his personal story as a professional athlete facing the unexpected.  It’s a story of heartbreak, redemption, and finding purpose and growth amidst adversity.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Erik’s story as a professional athlete facing the unexpected
  • Common relationship patterns and struggles of the well-known and successful 
  • Tips for establishing effective relational boundaries (I.e., how to distinguish between a friend and a business relationship and how to prioritize each)
  • & so much more

If you’re a leader navigating relational barriers, you won’t want to miss Erik’s story on how to meet those struggles head-on and lean in with growth and intentionality.  If you need guidance and support in this process, we have coaches uniquely skilled to help. Visit to learn more about our unique leadership program and to schedule a free discovery call.

Ways to connect with Erik:
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Link to episode mentioned in this recording: Episode 8 – How to Cultivate Wealth to Maximize Your Impact